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It’s safe to say I was a little busy on the sewing machine in the run-up to Christmas this year. I don’t know what’s inspired it, but my latest obsession is aprons, and I ran up a total of seven to give as gifts. They’re really easy to make – I used my own (shop-bought) one as a template and got it down to just over an hour apiece. All you need to do is cut an apron-shaped piece of fabric plus a square for the pocket and some ties. I just iron all the hems before sewing (what can I say – I hate tacking) and finish the ends of the ties by hand.

My first attempt took a little longer than an hour, and I went for something bright and bold for my 14-year-old niece.

'Charlie' apron

My first attempt at apron-making. Style number 1: 'Charlie' apron

My mum then put in a request for a Cath Kidston-style one, which basically means pretty florals, so I ran up a couple in sage green next.

Claudia apron

Style number 2: 'Claudia' apron

I wanted to make one last style for my sister and a few friends, and I think this is probably my favourite. Recognise the fabric??

Zoe apron

Style number 3: 'Zoe' apron

I’ve got one more to make for my auntie, so I’ll post some photos of it in progress on here to show how easy it is. Of course, before the finished versions were wrapped up and stashed safely under the tree, there was just enough time to get some friends round to model them on Christmas eve. I’ve named each apron style after the person who modelled it first (the girls, that is)…

Charlie and Claudia aprons

'Claudia' apron (left), 'Charlie' apron (right).

Zoe Apron

'Zoe' apron

Zoe apron

'Zoe' apron - festive headgear optional.


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