Naughty Jam Jar Jellies

Naughty Jam Jar Jellies

Strawberry jam with a twist - Naughty Jam Jar Jellies.

I made these boozy jellies a couple of days ago for some friends, and I plan to rustle some more up for tonight’s New Year’s Eve party if I get time. They’re really simple – I followed BBC Good Food’s Strawberry & Prosecco Jelly recipe and it worked really well, but there are plenty more versions to pick from online. I actually wanted to put them in cocktail glasses, but I didn’t have enough – the jam jars were the next best thing and I reckon they’re a lot more fun.

To make the jelly, just melt 200g of caster sugar in a pan with 150ml water. It’ll turn into sugar syrup – at that point, add a couple of big handfuls of washed and chopped strawberries (save a handful, too – you’ll need them later), turn up the heat a bit and leave them to bubble away. Don’t stir the strawberries – the flavour and colour will come out as they cook.

After 5 mins, take it off the heat and drain everything through a sieve. Don’t be tempted to push the strawberries through as you’ll end up with a cloudy jelly (and if you can think of a way to use up the gooey strawberries, please let me know!). Soak 6 gelatine sheets separately as per the packet instructions, then them to the sieved syrup and stir. Then, add a bottle of Prosecco, give the whole thing a quick mix, and pour it into your glasses/jars along with some fresh strawberries for the top. The recipe makes about 6 jellies, but they’re pretty big – you could eek it out to 8.

You could make kid-friendly versions by using a recipe without alcohol and perhaps swapping the strawberries for sweets. And if you do want to go for something a bit more classy, here are the two I did manage to find cocktail glasses for. Happy New Year!

Strawberry & Prosecco jellies

Strawberry & Prosecco jellies - the posh version.


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