Free Amy Butler Sewing and Craft Patterns

It’s surprisingly difficult to find nice fabric. Where I live, there’s one sewing shop that – though I love it – tends to be a bit old-fashioned (I’m sure they’ve had the same rolls of fabric since I started going in as a kid). For that reason I get most bits online, and lately I’ve been using eBay a lot. I stumbled across a designer called Amy Butler when I ordered some pretty floral fabric from a seller on there. It’s called ‘bouquet bliss’ from her Love collection, and when I Googled it and ended up on the Amy Butler site, it turned out to be a bit of a treasure trove.

Amy Butler Bouquet Bliss

Amy Butler's Bouquet Bliss fabric. Any suggestions what to make with it?

The site is full of Amy’s fabrics and products, but the best bit has to be the freebies. You can download sewing patterns and craft patterns as PDFs, and they’re really nicely produced. As for what you can make, they cover everything from quilts and pillows to things like yoga bags and scarves. Plus, there’s a handy section of fabric and sewing tips.

Patterns aside, Amy’s Flickr photostream is as gorgeous as her fabrics. Check out the beautiful pictures of her house if you need a bit of interior inspiration.


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