Busy Girl’s Gift Wrapping – Stamped Gift Tags

Stamped Gift Tags

I’ve never been a huge fan of wrapping Christmas presents. Taking the time and effort to wrap something really special for a birthday is one thing, but when faced with the sheer volume of gifts to sort over the festive period, I tend to find that procrastination – and a few willing friends round on Christmas eve – works best.

This year, the fact I couldn’t find any wrapping paper I liked didn’t help. I had no budget to splash out on fancy stuff, and I’d left it way too late to start thinking about making it myself. So, I decided on the next best thing – some plain-ish paper from the shops, and hand-printed gift tags to give hand-made presents like my aprons a bit more of a personal touch.

Stamp - Easy Gift Tags

I used plain white luggage tags from Ryman that cost less than a couple of quid, and I already had a stamp and ink pad that I bought years ago for about the same amount. Then it’s just a case of stamping away in any which-way you fancy. Don’t worry about them being a bit higgledy-piggledy – my ink pad was too small for the stamp, so some of the prints came out much lighter in places. Just do what I did and claim they’re meant to have ‘a vintage-feel’ – it works every time.

Large Tags

Matchy-matchy is so overrated darling.

Gift Tags

I made some smaller versions to use on my White Chocolate Snowflake gift bags and any littler gifts. And because they’re not Christmas-themed, I’ve still got a stash to use for prezzies throughout the year.


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