101 Things To Do With A Coffee Sack #1: Barista Apron

Barista Apron

The Turquoise Barista apron - one of the many things you can do with a coffee sack.

OK, so 101 is a bit optimistic. But I’m determined to find as many creative uses for a hessian coffee sack as I can. Why, you ask? Well, it seems I got a bit over-excited on eBay (again). Having inherited a few boxes of unwanted sacks from a friend, I decided home-made hessian aprons were probably what the world has been missing all this time. So, I decided to order a few more.

The thing is, I thought I was bidding on a couple of really pretty ones – the kind that come with big, bold prints on the front. What I didn’t reckon on were the other 18 (less photo-worthy versions) the seller had left out of the shot. As a result, I’m now the proud owner of more than 30 of the little beauties, and a spare bedroom that smells a lot like a coffee shop.

The first of many hessian-inspired creations, then, is the Turquoise Barista apron. It’s a more masculine take on the Kitchen Couture aprons, and because it’s a bit hardier, it’s perfect for BBQing in the great outdoors.

Barista Apron

Barista apron: Turquoise. Santa hat: model's own.

As for what’s next, I’m already working on hessian creation #2 and have a few more ideas in the bag. Plus, I’m thinking of taking up professional sack racing now that I can practise at home…



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2 responses to “101 Things To Do With A Coffee Sack #1: Barista Apron

  1. LOL! I did that on e-bay too. I was going to make kitchen curtains and who knows what else. Decided otherwise about the curtains when the giant things arrived. But I never thought of aprons. Too wonderful!

  2. Curtains (or maybe a roller blind) is a good idea Barb – may add it to the list…!

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