10 Crafty Ideas for Valentine’s Day (and some free downloads)

1. Paper Punch Heart Garland

I love this garland from Grace and Light, mainly because it’s made from paint colour samples, which I happen to have millions of. If you don’t, it’s a great excuse for a trip to Homebase…

Paper Punch Heart GarlandPaper Punch Heart Garland

2. Cork-printed Heart

This simple idea from Domestic Goddesque could be used to decorate cards, wrapping paper or gift tags, and it’s a nice easy one if you’re crafting with kids. Plus, it’s essential to crack open a bottle of wine for it, so it definitely gets my vote.

Cork-printed heartCork-printed heart

3. Teacup Candles

It’s highly unlikely my husband is going to make me these beautiful teacup candles from Georgica Pond for Valentine’s Day, so I’m just going to have to make them myself. Gorgeous, and really simple – just use some old candles to melt down.

Teacup CandlesTeacup Candles

4. Celery-stamped Rose Cards

Who knew celery could be put to such crafty use? Major brownie points to Homemade Serenity for coming up with such a nifty idea.

Celery-stamped Rose CardsCelery-stamped Rose Cards

5. Superhero Lollies

I love these caped crusaders from Zakka Life. All the bits are printable, plus you could easily make your own capes and have these at a kids’ birthday party.

Superhero LolliesSuperhero Lollies

6. Love Tokens

Little Birdie Secrets have created these pretty love tokens, and you can replicate the idea really easily. If you’re short on time, you could just write straight on to some pretty luggage tags and stick them in an envelope. And if you’ve got all the time in the world, go the whole hog and make the envelope accordion to put them in.

Love TokensLove Tokens

7. Valentine’s Pizza

So simple, but so sweet. Plus you get to eat all the little bits of pepperoni you cut off. Thank you, One Charming Party.

Valentine's Pizza

8. Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Yep, another foodie one (pudding to follow your pizza perhaps?). Read Made With Love’s step-by-step guide and your cupcakes could come out of the oven looking like these.

Heart Cupcakes

9. Free Printable Fortune Cookies

So you’re not a big fan of pizza and you’re clean out of eggs. No problem. Order a Chinese takeaway, then print and fold these free fortune cookie patterns from Design Wash Rinse Repeat. You should have just enough time to write a romantic message to go inside before the doorbell rings.

Free Printable Fortune CookiesFree Printable Fortune Cookies

10. Free Printable Valentine’s Cards

Last but not least, these pretty cards are free to download from Party Box Design. There are a few options to pick from, as well as cupcake toppers and notecards. Just click, print, and seal with a kiss.

Party Box DesignsParty Box Designs


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One response to “10 Crafty Ideas for Valentine’s Day (and some free downloads)

  1. Love all of these ideas! Love the paper fortune cookies! 🙂 Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays!

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