2-Minute Make: Easy Peasy Party Sign

Party Signs

I’ve got parties on the brain at the moment. My lovely little nephew turns one this weekend, plus I’m counting down to a big birthday of my own later this year. It might explain why I got the urge to dig out these old party invites. I bought them from Cox & Cox for my husband’s birthday last summer (they were definitely more for my benefit than his – I can’t resist a pretty typeface).

They’ve stopped stocking them now, and I haven’t found anything nearly as nice since, so I wanted to do something to save the last few. There’s only so much fun you can have at a party for three, after all.

I had some wooden IKEA photo frames in the house, so I trimmed the invites down a bit, stuck them in, and stapled a bit of colourful ribbon to the back of the frames. There’s very little creativity involved, but you can jazz it up if you want to and it’s loads cheaper than buying a sign. More importantly, you get to choose exactly what goes inside the frame – print something from the internet, rip a nice picture out of a magazine, or stick a photo of the birthday boy or girl inside. Then just hang it from the door to show where the party’s at, or dangle it from an artfully placed hook. Easy peasy.

Easy Peasy Party Sign

Easy Peasy Party Sign


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