How To… Make A Passport Wallet

Passport Holder

Prettify your passport with a handmade wallet.

With my dining table regularly doubling up as a craft space, I’ve found myself browsing oilcloth and PVC table protectors of late. As far as Google searches go, it’s about as exciting as it sounds. But there is a plus side. There are some pretty designs to be found on places like the John Lewis website, and you can order up to six swatches for free. These little bits of fabric are about 20x30cm in size, which means they’re really handy for craft projects like this.

One of the samples I ordered was a world map print, which is where the idea for a passport holder came from. To make it, you’ll need:

A rectangular piece of oilcloth (or PVC, or fabric) that’s about 30cm long by 15cm wide
Sewing machine (or needle)

Passport Holder

To get the size right, lay your passport on its side in one corner of your fabric and cut a long rectangle. You’re after about half a centimetre of overlap either side, as per the picture below.

Passport Holder

Step 1: Cut your fabric so it's slightly wider than your passport turned on its side.

Next, put the spine of your passport right in the middle of your rectangle, and fold the two sides of fabric inwards, so they fold over and into the front and back covers and make a neat ‘book’, as below.

Passport Holder

Step 2: Fold the fabric over the front and back cover of your passport.

From here, you should be able to pull the passport out, without losing the folds in your fabric. Just pin the two flaps down exactly where they were when the passport was inside, and you should end up with something like this.

Passport Holder

Step 3: Pin the two flaps of your passport holder towards the outer edges.

I pinned right on the outer edges for this bit, as I still needed to get the bias binding on. It would make more sense to sew this on right at the start, once you’ve cut your rectangle out, but it’s no big deal if you do it at this stage.

To add the bias binding, just fold and iron two pieces, then pin it over the edges of the flaps and sew it on. Trim it so that everything’s flush, as below. If you’re not too worried about how your passport wallet looks inside, you could always leave this part out and leave the edges bare. And if you want to do something extra-special, you could use some coloured ribbon instead.

Passport Holder

Step 4: Sew the bias binding on the flaps, trim it, then sew along the top and bottom edges of your passport holder.

Once you’ve got the bias binding on, the last step is to sew right across the top and bottom edge of your wallet, catching the two flaps as you go so you can slide your passport in (also shown in the picture above).

All that’s left to do now is to jet off somewhere exotic. Unfortunately I can’t help with that bit, though…

Passport Holder


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