5-minute make: Vintage Valentine’s Card

Valentine's Card

If you can’t find a card you like in the shops, why not try making one this year? To make one of these designs you’ll just need an old dictionary or an old songbook or sheet music (I picked up both for a total of £1 from a charity shop). Get some blank cards (you can pick them up in craft shops as well as stationery shops – mine were £1.99 for 10) and either get the sewing machine out or find a needle and thread.

Love Definition Valentine's Card

Card 1: Love Definition

For this one, all you need is a suitable word. I went for the obvious one – love – but there are plenty of options if you want to do something different (or if you’ve got a pet name for your other half…). Just cut out your definition with a few mm extra around the edges, and place it where you want it to go on the card. You can cut it so that just the romantic bit is showing, or keep the whole definition (I like the randomness of the whole lot). At this stage you can fix it with a tiny bit of Sellotape or glue, or pin it on – just bear in mind the second option will leave holes. Then, just sew carefully around the edges, and neaten off any thread on the inside of the card. I went for red for obvious reasons, but it also helps to make it stand out.

Love Definition Valentine's Card

Card 2: Love Song

This time, find a suitable song. If you’ve got one that’s particularly special to you and your Valentine, perfect. If not, just do as I did and find one with some nice words and lots of detail. Cut out your heart by folding the sheet in half and cutting half a heart shape through double paper, then unfolding it, to ensure it’s symmetrical (I cut a template on scrap paper first). This one’s a bit trickier to sew around, so just go extra-slowly.

Love Song Valentine's Card

There are loads more ways you could adapt this to make something really personal. You could use an old love letter, a funny note from your kids, a page from a book that means something to you, or a special place on a map. Whatever you use, you won’t find one like it in the shops…

Turquoise Cards


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