DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

I’ve been to a few weddings now where the favours have been personalised seed packets, and it’s definitely something I’d do if I could go back and get married again (to the same man, of course!). There’s something really lovely about planting flowers from seed, and you get a reminder of the wedding that lasts all summer, or even longer if you go for perennials.

If you’re planning a DIY wedding, seed packets are a really simple and cost-effective option. You can buy the seeds in bulk, and it can work out quite a lot cheaper online. A nice idea is to go for seeds of whatever flowers you’re having at your wedding, or you could pick something with a suitably romantic name – like Love in a Mist.

For this version, all you need is an old book of flower illustrations. If you can find something that’s yellowing a bit, even better – it’ll add to the vintage feel. I got mine – ‘Illustrations of The British Flora, c1949’ – from a charity shop for 50p, and with 320-odd pages I could get around 160 seed packets out of it.

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

It takes about a minute to sew each one, and you don’t need to be a sewing pro. Just cut two pages from your book to the shape and size you want, then sew along three sides of it on the machine (choose cotton that fits your colour scheme). Before you sew the fourth, put your seeds in, plus the instructions if you’re not putting them on the outside. That way you can still keep the presser foot down and the packet safely in place while you add your contents, before sealing up the remaining edge.

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

No contest, really.

After that it’s a case of personalising your seed packets, and it’s entirely up to you what you include. You could hand-write your ‘Mr & Mrs’ names, plus the date of your wedding, and the name of the flower. If you want to use these as placecards, you could include the guest’s name. And if you’re short on time, you could get pre-printed labels and stick them on. Just bear in mind it’s a good idea to have basic gardening instructions on there somewhere – even if it’s just sowing and flowering dates. Oh, and if you fancy these for your wedding but don’t have time to DIY, get in touch!

DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favours

There are lots more ways you can put your own spin on these, and there are some lovely ideas elsewhere on the web. I’ve included a couple here to give you a bit of inspiration. The first comes via I Love Farm Weddings – I really like the way the seed packets are chucked into a big bucket for guests to take, rather than set on tables.

Wildflower Seeds

Source: I Love Farm Weddings

If you fancy something quicker, you can get these seed packet templates on Ruffled Blog. Just click the link to download, and take a look around the blog for vintage wedding ideas while you’re there.

Ruffled Blog's DIY Seed Packets

Ruffled Blog's DIY seed packet templates.


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