How To Make A Taggie Blanket

Taggie Blanket

It doesn't get much snugglier than that.

These children’s blankets are really easy to make, and they’re great as new baby gifts. I made one for my sister’s little boy when he was born, and while rifling through my fabric bag this morning (I’m trying not to buy any new fabrics until I’ve got to the bottom of it) I found some red polka dot fleece I must have bought at the time. There are loads of different ways to make these blankets, but the fleece version is probably the easiest of the lot. And considering it’s absolutely freezing outside, it’s also the warmest way to go.

Want to buy it? I’ve included step-by-step instructions of how to make this blanket below, but if you’d rather buy one,  just skip straight to the bottom of this post for prices and sizes.

Step 1. Cut your blanket to size

To start, just cut your fleece to the size you want your taggie blanket to be. I’ve gone big – 1m x 70cm – so that my blanket can be folded over for extra warmth, or double up as a baby mat. You’ll need two layers of the same size. When you’re buying your fleece fabric, it’s a good idea to go for anti-pill – or anti-bobble stuff, so that it can withstand lots of washing. Also, polar fleece like the one I’ve used is the warmest of the lot.

Step 2. Cut and tack your ribbons

You can go for tags in loads of different colours, or in shades that match your fabric. They need to be about 15cm long each, and for a blanket this size you’ll need a total of 22 (5 along the short edges, 6 along the long ones). With each one, fold it in half and tack roughly along the bottom – don’t worry how it looks as you won’t see it. Then you can lay everything out and figure out where you want your tags to go.

Taggie Blanket

Fold and roughly tack your ribbons in place.

Taggy Blanket

Lay your ribbons out in order.

Step 3. Pin your ribbons in place

This is the important bit. First off, make sure your fabric is laid so that both right sides are facing in. Then, turn all your ribbons inwards, ready to pin in place, as below. The first time I made one of these I left them all poking out of the fabric the other way. Then when I turned it outside-in at the end, all the tags had disappeared. It took a while to unpick – I wouldn’t recommend it…

Taggie Blanket

Turn all your tags inwards...

Taggie Blanket

...then 'close' them off with the top layer of fabric and pin them down. You should just be able to see the rough edges poking out.

Step 4. Sew your blanket

Once everything is pinned in place (you can tack them, too, if you want to/have time), sew around three edges of your blanket, pinning the tags in place with the stitches as you sew (if you’re not tacking, watch out for the pins – I pull them out as I go).

When you get to the fourth side, sew about three quarters of the length, then stop. You’ll need this gap to reach in and turn the fabric the right way around. Once you’ve done so, pin the last bit (and in my case, the last ribbon) and close the edge up by sewing on the outside of the fabric. The smaller you can make this gap, the less you’ll notice the stitching.

Taggie Blanket

Pin the last bit in place then sew on the outside of the fabric, about 5mm in from the edge.

And that’s it! Use your taggie blanket as a buggy blanket, keep it in the car, use it as a baby mat when the weather’s warmer, or just snuggle up under it on the sofa – it’s certainly cold enough.

Taggie Blanket


Want to buy one of these rather than making it?

If you want to cut out the sewing bit and just buy a blanket, email me at or get in touch via the Turquoise Textiles Facebook page. The big polka dot version shown above is £18, and I’ve also got plain baby blue and baby pink fabric available. Smaller, 50 x 75cm versions (perfect for pushchairs) in either plain or polka dot fleece are are £10, and if you’ve got a particular colour in mind I can order it in at no extra cost (it’ll just take a bit longer). These are made from anti-pill polar fleece, they’re washable at 30 degrees, and don’t need ironing.

Taggie Blanket



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7 responses to “How To Make A Taggie Blanket

  1. Elaine Drake

    what is the charge for a ready made taggie?
    thank you.

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  3. emily

    where would you recommend buying the fleece material from? is it easy to get hold of?

    • KG

      Hi Emily, I got mine from eBay (found it to be the cheapest) but if you have a local sewing/haberdashery shop they’ll probably sell it in there, and they also had it in John Lewis’ haberdashery dept last time I looked. Hope that helps!

    • KG

      Oh, almost forgot – you can also buy big fleece blankets from places like Homebase/Dunelm (any home stores basically) and use that – you get lots more fabric that way and it’s by far the cheapest option! I found a 3mx3m fleece blanket in Homebase for £5!

  4. Lorraine Salter

    Hi Katie

    Are you still making these large taggie blankets. If so how much are they and have you got a website with various designs. Can you email me…



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