How To Make A Hanging Heart

How to make a hanging heart

Left: country house heart, right: boudoir heart

I have to apologise for doing a bit of a disappearing act last month, with not a single solitary ‘make’ on the blog for March. All will be revealed in my next post, but for now hopefully this will go some way towards making up for it!

The idea for a hanging heart came about more out of necessity than anything else. In preparation for Easter, I bought my mum a white chocolate egg about 3 weeks ago. About 2 weeks and 6 days ago, I ate it. Yes, yes, I know, I am awful (this is why we don’t have ‘treats’ in my house). So, to avoid a repeat performance, I decided to hold off buying another one until closer to the time. Unfortunately the time is now and, er, all the shops are shut.

So, I’ve opened up the sewing bag and taken over the kitchen table once again to make my mum and sister a hanging heart each as an Easter gift. Luckily they like home-made stuff, so I’m hoping nobody will notice they’re not actually edible…

Step 1: Cut

To start, cut out a heart shape from a bit of paper or cardboard (fold the paper in half first, draw half a heart from the folded side outwards, cut it and you should unfold a symmetrical heart). Double up your chosen fabric as below, draw round the heart, and cut the shape through both layers of fabric so you end up with two identical hearts.

Hanging heart step 1

Double up your fabric so you cut out two identical heart shapes.

Step 2: Place right sides together

Next, place your hearts together so the ‘nice’ side of the fabric is facing inwards both times – you should only be able to see the reverse of the fabric. If you’re adding a label, like me, remember to put it inside, as below – this will be turned inside out so everything is done back-to-front.

Hanging heart step 2

Place any labels facing inwards rather than outwards.

Step 3: Pin and sew

When you pin the two sides together, place the pins about an inch in from the outside edge, so that they’re well away from the sewing machine needle and you don’t have to take them out as you go. Then just sew around the edge, remembering to leave a gap of about two inches down one of the straight edges so that you can turn the fabric the right way around.

Hanging heart step 3

Place your pins about an inch from the edge so you can sew around them.

Step 5: Stuff and sew

Once you’ve turned your heart the right way round, push out all of the edges and start stuffing. I just used an old pillow that had seen better days but you can also buy bags of stuffing from sewing shops. Once it’s full, just sew the gap up on the outside this time – the smaller you can get the gap, the less you’ll see this, but as long as you use a coordinating cotton you shouldn’t notice it much. At this point you could always stop and use the hearts as pin cushions if you don’t want to go any further – they’d make a pretty gift for a fellow crafty type (below is the pin cushion version of the floral heart plus a patchwork version).

Hanging heart step 4

Stop here if you're making pin cushions!

Step 6: Attach your ribbon

Now, just choose a length of ribbon or cord (about 10 inches should be plenty) and stitch the two ends together as below. Try it on your heart to see what looks best – I’ve gone for slightly different lengths for the patchwork one and floral version.

Hanging heart step 5Hanging heart step 5b

Stitch your ribbon together at one end.

After that, it’s just a case of hand-stitching the ribbon to your heart – just choose the nicest side. And that’s it! Two gifts ready to wrap for Easter. And the best thing is, there’s no risk of them being eaten before they reach their recipients…

Boudoir heart

'Boudoir' hanging heart for my little sister.

Country house heart

'Country house' hanging heart for my mum.


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  1. Claudia Calardo

    Oooooh, I’d much rather have a hanging heart than an egg anyday!!! xx

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