Bye-bye work, hello hand-stamped cards…

Hand-stamped 'Totes Amaze' card

Pretty much sums up the feeling you get when you set your Out Of Office for 365 days.

And so the time has finally come… Yesterday, at 36 weeks pregnant, I said farewell to my desk, my office and my workmates for a whole 365 days (budget willing). It’s a weird feeling. I’m completely excited about having a year ‘off’ and having a baby. But I can’t imagine not going in to work every day – especially for the next 4-ish weeks before The Big Arrival.

It does mean I’ll finally have a bit of time to get through my ‘to-make’ list, though. We’ve been so focussed on getting the house finished (lots more on that to come), I’ve not had the sewing machine out for what feels like ages. I have, however, managed to find some time to feed a new obsession, and my hands (and kitchen table) have been covered in ink ever since.

Unmounted rubber stamps

I ordered some unmounted rubber stamps to print the numbers on an advent calendar, and as the postage was pretty high I thought I may as well throw in a few alphabet sets while I was at it. As soon as the funny-looking bits of rubber arrived in the post I had to try them out, and after a few botched jobs, I managed to make a couple of goodbye cards and gift tags for friends at work.

'OMG' gift tag

‘OMG’ gift tag

The letters are a bit higgledy-piggledy – I’m not really following a proper stamping method yet (I’ll post a ‘how to’ once I’ve figured out what on earth I’m doing) – but I quite like the effect and it’s nice to be able to print whatever you fancy. The one below, for example, is a long-standing joke between myself and a fellow editor in the office. We’re going to see if she can last the year without adding the apostrophe in. I’ve bet her a bottle of wine she can’t…

Hand-stamped card

Yes, it caused me actual pain to print this.




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7 responses to “Bye-bye work, hello hand-stamped cards…

  1. Love what you’re doing! I love stamping, but I usually carve them myself. Where did you order your unmounted stamps from? Hope you have fun with them!

  2. Linda Melmore

    I want to put the apostrophe in!!!!

  3. I too am on my year ‘off’! My maternity leave started and my baby decided to put in a rather early appearance two days later! So much for putting my feet up and doing some crafting before his arrival! He’s now 13 weeks old and I’m finally getting round to some sewing! Definitely harder work than it ever was teaching! Hope your little one arrives safely, good luck!

  4. Looking forward to my wine

    Hmmm, now do I want red or white?? 😉

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