Really Easy Gluten-free Banana Loaf

I was going to clean the kitchen. Really I was…

Easiest Gluten-free Banana Loaf

Gluten-free banana loaf – looks a lot like a brick.

But then I made this. I’ve been craving banana cake (gluten-free, of course) for days, since I dreamt – yes dreamt – about eating a massive slice after an entire day of throwing up. Our little family has been struck down with the ‘flu for the past week, you see. Today, with the husband marginally better and back at work, my mother-in-law has come to the rescue and taken C for a walk so I can get on with some stuff. Does making myself a massive cake count? Probably not, but hear me out.

Thing is, all I ever do these days is clean the house. C only takes 30-minute naps, so the list of things to do – clean the fridge (overturned bottle of fish sauce: nice), vacuum upstairs, sort the mountain of washing etc etc – seems to be growing before my eyes. I get a whole hour to myself and what’s my first thought? Great – I can clean the kitchen. Well not today. Instead, I made myself some lunch and actually sat down to eat it, made a banana loaf in the space of 10 minutes, and replied to some emails while eating a massive, warm slice. The kitchen can wait – my stomach can’t.

Here’s the recipe – everything’s done in the food processor, and it takes less than 10 minutes to make.

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
2. Put 110g of unsalted butter and 110g of caster sugar in the food processor and whizz.
3. Add 2 ripe bananas and whizz again.
4. Add 2 eggs and a tablespoon of oil (I used groundnut) and whizz.
5. Add 220g of gluten-free self-raising flour (Doves Farm all the way) plus half a teaspoon of gluten-free baking powder. Whizz.
6. Add 1 packet of chocolate chips. Whizz for good measure.
7. Tip into your tin, put in the oven for 35 mins (sometimes takes longer – you’ll need to keep an eye on it) and cool on a wire rack.
8. Enjoy.

The messier the better (honest).

The messier the better (honest).


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  1. Ooooh-eeeee that looks so good. I love banana bread. And the fact that it contains chocolate chips and is all done in a processor is genius! Good for you for sitting down to lunch and making a treat for yourself! Hope you’re all germ free now and scoffing your cake! xx

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