Taggies to go…

Star taggie, 95x70cm, £18

Star taggie, 95x70cm, £18

I’ve had a few requests for taggie blankets in the past few weeks, so I’ve just finished this one off for a friend. I made a similar version for my little boy before he was born, and it’s travelled pretty much everywhere with us since – it’s big enough to be folded in half as a snuggly car seat/buggy blanket, and when it’s laid out flat it doubles as a play mat. He’s also recently ‘discovered’ the tags, so it keeps him occupied when we’re out and about.

I’ve got a couple more in the same design available, and will be rustling up a few baby blue and baby pink versions over the next few weeks, so get in touch if you’ve got your eye on one. (You can also learn to make one yourself, of course.)

Star taggie blanket


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