New Baby Name Frames

Baby Name Frames

Baby Name Frames – boy and girl

All the babies from my NCT group – including mine – turned 1 recently. The girls I met through the course (plus a few others) kept me sane throughout those first few crazy months, and we met up pretty every much every week while we were on maternity leave (if you’re a parent-to-be and you’re wondering whether to do NCT, I’d highly recommend it, just for the friends you’ll make).

Now that we’re back at work it’s virtually impossible to get everyone together, so I wanted to make the kids something to keep – and their parents something to remember the first year by.

Baby Name Frame - Alexander

These personalised baby name frames include full names, date of birth, weight at birth, time of birth, first address and parents’ names (and the one above also includes the meaning behind the name). I’m pretty forgetful, so this kind of thing is right up my street.

Baby Name Frame - Imogen

Having made the NCT presents, I’ve now been asked to make a few more for Christmas – they make nice ‘new baby’ gifts as well as first birthday mementos.

Baby Name Frame - Imogen detail

In terms of how they’re made, the text is written in InDesign, and the frame insert is painted in baby blue or dusky pink emulsion, which means (for the cost of a tester pot) they can also be painted to exactly match a particular colour scheme.

Baby Name Frame Boys

They cost £24 (plus UK P&P), are completely personalised, and take around 2 weeks to make and post. You can buy via my sister Etsy shop, One Green Rocket.



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8 responses to “New Baby Name Frames

  1. Hi was just wondering how much time until the last orders were to make the named frames was as im interested in one for a xmas present if i still have time to order one

    • KG

      Hi Kelly, you should still have enough time – they take around 2 weeks to make and post. Do you want to email me (address under the ‘contact’ tab) and I’ll send you some more details? Thanks, Katie

  2. Can’t agree with you more about joining a NCT group. We still meet (albeit more sporadically) after almost two years since our first class. They’ve been such a support and sanity saver!

    • KG

      Ah I hope we’re still meeting up in a year’s time – I’ve met such lovely people through NCT! And yes, they’ve saved my sanity on more than one occasion!

  3. Jackie

    Hi…thinking of ordering one of your frames. Would it be possible to email me more details please? Thanks Jackie

  4. lucica cornea

    I would like to order one of this frames for a baby girl, but i can’t seem to find it on your website. can you please let me know how to get one, or perhaps send me the link via my email?

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