My professional background is in writing, and my first editorial job was on an interiors magazine. I guess something must have stuck – although I’ve written about plenty of subjects since, I’ve always had a slight obsession with anything to do with homes.

Fast-forward a decade and I’m an editor for a travel company, although I’ve swapped creative meetings for night feeds since the birth of my first son. When I get a bit of time to myself, I make. Dinner, a pair of curtains, a mess – you name it. If it means getting my hands dirty, I’m in.

My favourite craft of all is sewing, and most of the things I make and feature on this blog are available to buy. But probably the biggest project to date is my house. My husband and I took it on as our second renovation project back in 2009, and we’ve spent most weekends since then covered in plaster and paint, trying to restore it from a Seventies-inspired wreck to a modern family home. We’re doing as much of it as we can ourselves, and I’ll post some of the things we’ve learned so far – plus some learnings that are no doubt still to come – alongside other, less messy craft projects on this blog. Plus, I’ll post inspiring bits and bobs I’ve found on the internet, and basically anything that might appeal to other ‘makers’ out there.