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These are a few of my favourite things…

Mum's bunting in action in our kitchen

Mum’s bunting in action in our kitchen

So here’s this week’s big news. I’ve finally signed up to Instagram.

I realise this admission proves just how far behind the times I am (incidentally, I still have a tellie that requires a corner, have not quite got my head around Twitter, and like to occasionally send letters. Through the post).

I have, though, recently upgraded my mobile phone to something a little more 2013, so I decided it was about time I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. To test out the different filters I started snapping some bits and pieces in my little boy’s nursery, and realised how many lovely handmade gifts we’ve been given. As my own crafty pursuits have been somewhat slowed by his arrival, it’s nice to get a bit of inspiration from talented friends and family. I’ve included the name of the Instagram filter for each photo below, should anyone else out there be as far behind as I am.

My mum’s handmade bunting
My mum made this floral bunting to decorate the house for my birthday-slash-baby-shower-slash-summer-barbecue last year. I haven’t found anything in the shops that’s anywhere near as pretty – it looked gorgeous in the kitchen and I planned to put it up in the nursery if I had a little girl. Alas, it’s more likely to be a Liverpool FC poster if the husband has his way.

Mum's handmade bunting. Filter: Mayfair

Mum’s handmade bunting. Filter: Mayfair

My auntie’s Wonky Wilma
My auntie Linda makes and sells everything from cute knitted hats to beautiful patchwork quilts on her Plum Cottage blog. She got this particular project from Janet at Kitchen Table Sewing – a fellow Bedford-based craft blogger who designed the Wonky Wilma pattern to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hopsital. Thanks to this crafty pair, Wilma the elephant now has pride of place on my little boy’s toy shelf.

Auntie Linda's Wonky Wilma. Filter: Earlybird

Auntie Linda’s Wonky Wilma. Filter: Earlybird

My sister’s quilt
I made a patchwork quilt for my sister’s little boy a few years ago, and she returned the favour with a much more complicated and absolutely gorgeous hexagonal quilt. It’s beautiful, and the fact she hand-stitched the whole thing makes it even more special to me. Unfortunately the photo just doesn’t do it justice – it’s so pretty I’m saving it for best.

My sister's quilt. Filter: Toaster

My sister Zoe’s quilt. Filter: Toaster

My friend’s Scrabble frame
My friend Rachel is one of the craftiest people I know – her house is full of beautiful projects she’s made, not to mention bits of furniture she’s upcycled. She gave me this framed, personalised Scrabble picture – made with pieces from a vintage Scrabble set on eBay – just yesterday, and I’m already excited about getting it up on the nursery wall.

My friend Rachel's Scrabble picture. Filter: Amaro

My friend Rachel’s Scrabble picture. Filter: Amaro



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